New Website

Today, we officially launch the election for a new Plaid Ifanc NEC.

Over the last year it has been my absolute pleasure to be one of the Co-chairs alongside Sioned and I look forward to standing again to continue to build on the great work we have already done.

We were initially due to host the NEC election in Llanrwst earlier on this month - however, like many things (such as our Easter trip & this weekends AUOB-Indy March in Wrecsam) it had to be initially postponed and then cancelled due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic.

A few weeks back we announced we intended to investigate the opportunity to continue with the election and host a 'Digital Democracy' event - where we would see how much of the weekends planned activities we could go ahead with and I want to take this opportunity to lay the plans out for you! 

  1. NEC Election.

    ALL members of Plaid Cymru under the age of 30 are formally invited to register to vote in the upcoming 'Digital Democracy' NEC Election - you can register HERE and all eligible members should've received an email with more info in! Additionally all eligible members are also invited to submit written and video manifestos for all NEC positions if they wish to get more involved in the movement.

    REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 23:59 30/04/2020

    It is important to stress that you MUST be registered BEFORE the cut off in order to be eligible to stand or vote.

  2. Election Lockdown LIVE EVENTS.

    We intend to open the voting two weeks later with a live streamed event - we will review the video manifestos submitted, we'll have a Q&A with a Plaid Cymru AM/MP (exactly who is TBC and will hopefully be confirmed by the closing of Voter registration)

    Then voting will be open for 24 hours and we will have a second live stream event to go over a Q&A session with the members of the NEC who have chosen not to stand and then announce the results of the election.

    Live stream 1: 11:30am 16/05/2020 (Voting opens at midday)
    Live stream 2: Midday 17/05/2020 (Voting closes immediately)

    Keep an eye out for more information on this soon!

  3. New things!

    As you may notice - the website is looking a little different. Thats true - the old Wordpress site served us well since it was first launched in 2014 but we were due a refresh. So we have started using a new system which will enable us to better communicate with our current membership as well as help us grow going forward.

    Additionally we have introduced a few new tools and processes behind the scenes to help the NEC be more productive - everyone of us does this voluntarily and as such we do the things we do in our spare time, so anywhere we can save some of it to spend with our families and friends, the better.

    And finally this year we've spent some of the money that has been donated to us throughout the last year since setting up and launching our donations page - this money went on creating the 'Regional Kit bag' a selection of equipment to help us put on events and covering the costs of hosting the "Digital Democracy" event.

So all in all, we've got some new equipment, a new website, a new NEC with a new way of electing them, but we are not finished yet, we've still got a lot to do. This is just a small step on our journey to winning a new Wales. 


Take Action. Join us.

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