About Us


All members 30 or under have membership of our youth movement. Wales’s future is its young people, and we believe that it is our generation that must grasp the chance to change our country for the good.

We believe that Wales has so much more to contribute and so much more to achieve, and we know that together we can build a movement that can give the young people of Wales a different vision for their future.

A future where all citizens can take pride in a confident, inspiring, successful, and vibrant country of their own.

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  1. National Liberation

    The main aim of Plaid Ifanc is to fight for independence for Wales as a full member-state of a democratic, social and united European Union.

  2. Republicanism

    We believe every citizen should be completely equal and that every layer of our government should be elected democratically.  We believe in creating a Welsh Republic that is fully democratic.

  3. Strong Democracy

    We want Wales to be a nation where all citizens, from 16 years old onwards, are able to vote and contribute fully to our democratic structures. We campaign for a fully proportional electoral system where all votes count.

  4. Social Justice

    We believe that all in our society should be able to contribute to and depend on a strong and efficient welfare state to protect them where needs be.

  5. Work and employment

    All young people have the right to employment that pays a decent living wage.

  6. Free Education

    Education is a human right, and we believe that the state should fund the education from the nursery school to the university. We have formed a central part of many campaigns to scrap tuition fees and in favour of free education. Building an engaged and intelligent society is important in creating a mature democracy.

  7. Rights

    We work to construct a society free from patriarchy and we fight for equal rights for LGBT people. We condemn all effort to degrade those who belong to a certain minority, be that ethnic or sexual, and we strive towards a tolerant society free of prejudice.

  8. The Welsh Language

    We believe in building a truly bilingual society where everybody has the right to use the Welsh language. Welsh deserves a truly equal status in Wales and all school pupils and students should have the opportunity to learn our national language fluently.

  9. Transport

    Wales is the only country in Europe without a single kilometer of electrified railway, yet the private companies who run them make them amongst the most expensive in Europe. We campaign for an efficient transport system which quickly connects the communities of our nation. We also support reduced tariffs for young people.

  10. The Environment

    We must move our society towards a carbon neutral economy and we have a strong and important role to play to protect our territory from the monopoly of large mining companies and the royal family.

Mae hyn yn dechrau gyda chi

Ganddyn nhw mae'r arian, ond gennym ni mae'r bobl. Os yw pawb sy'n ymweld â'r wefan hon yn ymuno â'n mudiad yna does dim na allwn ei gyflawni.