We must fight for Wales!

Rhydian Elis Fitter, our membership officer, makes the case why our members should go out and campaign vigourously during the final two weeks of the campaign. 

We must fight for our Wales.

There are only 3 weeks remaining until Wales chooses its new government. Instead of using this space to appeal to new voters, I want to speak directly to my fellow members of Plaid Cymru and Plaid Ifanc.

We all know that Plaid Cymru is The Change Wales Needs. We know that after 17 years of unbroken Labour rule, our nation is suffering. We have people languishing on hospital waiting lists, we have our most valuable industry in crisis and we have an economy which is falling behind at a frightening rate. Wales needs change. We also know that people have grown tired of the arrogance, the complacency and the downright incompetence of the Labour Party in Wales. Unfortunately, we know that many of these people who are rightly angry, are turning to UKIP.

Wales is ill under Labour. Change is necessary but we must not allow that change to come in the poisonous form of UKIP. Wales needs medicine, Wales needs care. Wales needs a government with the ambition, the hunger, the passion to change our fortunes. Plaid Cymru can be that medicine, be that change, be that new government. But it will only happen if we make it happen.

That’s why I appeal to every one of my fellow members, in Plaid Ifanc and throughout the wider party, to knock every door you can, to distribute every leaflet you can get your hands on. Send out more tweets and share more facebook posts than you ever have before. Another five years of Labour rule in Wales will see us go backwards by a generation. We are the ones who can stop it. The rise of UKIP threatens to divide our nation and decimate our communities. We are the ones who can stop them.

In this election, Wales faces a very real threat and a very real opportunity. We can face another five years of Carwyn Jones arrogantly leaning on his lectern while UKIP’s ex-Tory parachutists make a mockery of our national parliament, or we can grab the opportunity of making Leanne Wood our First Minister and delivering The Change Wales Needs.

On May the 6th, when we look back at these next three weeks, we could be looking at them with a regret and a grief that will last another five years. Or we could look back at these three weeks as the time when our nation was reborn out of the ashes of Labour’s failure, with pride, and with a hope for a better future.

So I urge you, get out there. Fight for every vote. Show everyone the passion you have for your party and for your country. Be The Change Wales Needs.

Byddwch y cyntaf i wneud sylw

Edrychwch yn eich e-bost am ddolen i fywiogi eich cyfrif.

Mae hyn yn dechrau gyda chi

Ganddyn nhw mae'r arian, ond gennym ni mae'r bobl. Os yw pawb sy'n ymweld â'r wefan hon yn ymuno â'n mudiad yna does dim na allwn ei gyflawni.