Let’s regain Llanelli!

Inspired by the local candidate, Vaughan Williams, as well as by recent events in Scotland, a brand new branch of Plaid Cymru Youth has been set up in Llanelli, with a good new crew eager to campaign for national liberation. Brett John, the new Chair, tells us about the new group.

93 years of Labour in Llanelli has clearly made quite an impact on the outlook of today’s youth; so much so, that we want to fight for a stronger voice – a Plaid Cymru voice. Each weekend, Llanelli Town Centre is injected with exciting and energised, and a politically involved young team from our newest branch, Plaid Cymru Youth Llanelli.

The passionate team consists of around a dozen members, all working for this same objective: To end Labour’s reign in Llanelli; Swapping red (or pink!) for green. Each of the members was inspired by our candidate for the upcoming Westminster elections, Vaughan Williams, in school debates. It is remarkable to see and important to note that Plaid Cymru doesn’t simply only want to listen to the ‘target audience’ that other parties choose to communicate with, which is everyone over the voting age – when you are able to strike a cross on a ballot paper.

We do not only want a stronger voice in Westminster in the upcoming elections, but we want to listen to what young people have to say – not what the bosses up in London have to say. For more information, get in touch on [email protected] and follow us on twitter, @plaidifancllan.

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