Who are we?

Name: Sioned Treharne
Age: 24
Originally from: Cardiff

When not doing Plaid Ifanc work, how do you spend your time?

By trade, I’m a Welsh-medium editor at WJEC. My main interests outside Plaid Ifanc are keeping fit (I’m a member of a netball team amongst other things), spending time with friends and family, reading and going to the theatre/cinema/concerts. I’m also a member of a choir here in Cardiff.

You’re hosting a special dinner and you get to invite four people in the history of the world to join you. Who are the four and why?

1. My great-grandfather, David Emlyn Thomas – MP for Aberdare during the 1940s. He was a keen advocate of miners’ rights in his area, and my grandmother has spoken of him with such pride over the years.
2. Eric Whitacre – musician and composer. His music can completely transform my day.
3.Mererid Hopwood, Welsh writer and poet. She has an ability to manipulate words and create something that stays with you for a long time. I have also heard her discuss her views on pacifism on several occasions – a topic I am passionate about.
4. Marie Curie – a trailblazer, fiercely determined, modest and selfless.

Why Plaid Cymru?

I came to the fundamental conclusion that Plaid Cymru is the only political party that works according to Wales’s best interests – every time, without fail.