Who are we?

Rhydian Elis Fitter
Age: 22BBCphotoTransparent
Originally from: Aberystwyth

When not doing Plaid Ifanc work, how do you spend your time?

I like to play music, read and I’m also good at wasting time on Football Manager!

You’re hosting a special dinner and you get to invite any four people in the history of the world to join you. Who are the four and why?

1. Saunders Lewis – Literary and Political Hero.
2. Gwyn Alf – If you’ve not read his books, then read his books!
3. Malala Yousafzai – Youngest ever winner of a Nobel Prize, she’s been an inspiration for years.
4. Paul Clement – Who knows, the Swans could still sign me up!

What made you join Plaid Cymru?

I had supported the party since I started feeling detached from the politics in Westminster. I realised that Plaid was saying the same as me about Westminster’s failure to adequately represent Wales. I finally became a member of the party when I discovered that all members get a say to shape the party’s direction so I joined in order to vote in the leadership contest that saw Leanne Wood become our party leader.