Who are we?

Name: Polly Manning
Orginally from: Somerset, England

When not doing Plaid Ifanc work, how do you spend your time?
I enjoy reading, writing, knitting, baking, origami, and rolling around on the carpet with my dog.

You’re hosting a special dinner and you get to invite any four people in the history of the world to join you. Who are the four and why?
1. Dylan Thomas: obviously a brilliant Welsh poet – and I was wavering on choosing Dannie Abse instead – but also a good drinker. I think he’d give some cracking anecdotes, and some authentic grumpiness.
2. Rose Schneiderman: because she was in many ways a revolutionary – a trade union activist at a time when Unions were dominated by men. Also credited with coining the phrase ‘Bread and Roses’, to outline the worker’s need for living – not just surviving.
3. Florence Welsh (of Florence + the Machine): for very selfish reasons. One of my favourite musicians. She could give some after-dinner entertainment and lend me one of her Ophelia dresses.
4. My Great-Aunty Bertha: she was a lion tamer who travelled with the circus – and I’m not lying! She also used to dance wearing nothing but a snake. She’d obviously be good value for money.

What made you join Plaid Cymru?
I joined in the summer of 2016 after the Brexit vote, when Leanne Wood, Adam Price AM, and Jonathan Edwards MP hosted a meeting in my local pub. It really was a moment of political awakening for me. In my mind it illuminated the connections between Wales’ poverty and inequality, and the Westminster/UK system. Also very important was something Adam Price said about the psychological state of the Welsh – always seeing ourselves as somehow lesser and not as worthy of opportunity as our counterparts in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.