Who are we?

Name: Jamie Evans
Originally from: Neath

When not doing Plaid Ifanc work, how do you spend your time?

When not committing all my spare time to the cause (because I’m dedicated like that) I’m really exciting and work in a building society where I get paid to count money and flirt with old ladies. Outside work I can be found either spending my hard earned money in the Cross Keys quizzing on Thursday nights or just going out on a Saturday, if I’m not there, I’m probably cycling across the Basque country, Spain and Galicia on pilgrimage because I’m a top Catholic.

You’re hosting a special dinner and you get to invite any four people in the history of the world to join you. Who are the four and why?

Shane Williams, because he’s a Neath and Wales legend and I wanted to be him when I was younger. Samantha Barks as Eponine just because I fancy her and we could belt out Les Mis bangers all night. Nelson Mandela because who wouldn’t want to have a chat with him?And he’s in my opinion the greatest head of state the world has ever seen and lastly my mate Huw because we go for food every week and I couldn’t not invite him.

Why Plaid?

I joined Plaid because I want to see a Wales that is free from ideological austerity, free from an apathetic and unfair British state, and just generally a better country than Labour or the Tories can give us from London