Who are we?

Name: Fflur Arwel
Age: 24
Originally from: Caernarfon

When not doing Plaid Ifanc work, how do you spend your time?
I enjoy reading and writing. I’m quite the creative one, and enjoy writing stories and creating things!

You’re hosting a special dinner and you get to invite any four people in the history of the world to join you. Who are the four and why?
There’s no doubt that the first person I’d invite would be Gerallt Lloyd Owen, the giant of a bard who died recently. His poetry is both timeless and genius. I imagine him to have been an engaging and thoughtful man (with quite the sense of humour). Never, I don’t think, has there been such a person who could speak so profoundly on the Welsh and human experience, and I don’t think there ever will be again.

Secondly I would invite Edward Said – Palestinian/American theorist, because I have read many of his works (particularly Orientalism and Imperalism and Culture) and his works (that have become the founding basis of postcolonial theory) continue to influence me!

Then, Eileen Beasley – a Welsh language rights campaigner and pioneer, who refused to pay her tax bills until she recieved the tax forms in Welsh. Over a period of 8 years she was taken to court and all of the furniture from her and her family’s living room was repossessed by the bailiffs. A hero of a woman and well beyond her time, I have bucket loads of admiration for this strong, inspirational woman.

I would also invite Bell Hooks, American feminist author who discussess ‘intersecitonality’ and the ways that sex, gender, class, and race – amongst others, all intertwine and cross. I am very fond of her works and admire her greatly.

What made you join Plaid Cymru?
I joined Plaid Cymru officially during my first year of university simply because I see Plaid as a progressive party with Wales’ best interests lying at the heart of its core values. I believe in the vision and ambition they have for Wales – we have so much potential to create a flourishing and wonderful country and realise our true potential!