Manifestos – Communications Officer (by-election)

Here’s your opportunity to vote for a new Communications Officer for Plaid Ifanc! Read the manifesto and vote below! 

Aaron Clwyd Jones

I’ve been a member of Plaid Ifanc since the 24th of June 2016. Clearly looming catastrophe is an effective call to action. Over the past three and a half years I’ve worked to establish Plaid Ifanc’s Ynys Mon branch where I’ve held the position of both Vice-Chair and Secretary.

I would like to think of myself as an enthusiastic member of our movement and now feel I can further contribute as our new Communications Officer. Without a doubt Wales has a problem. Our people could be described as having an apathetic relationship with national politics. A country where turnout at Assembly elections has never even hit the less than ambitious target of 50%. A country where until recently less than half those polled knew that the NHS had been devolved to Wales for 20 years and was under the control of a Labour Government in Cardiff. A country where our politicians and members of government are largely unknown to the public. A country which in 2016 managed to elect a far-right English nationalist Party to the Senedd with 12.5% of the vote, voting to leave the EU, and yet another ideologically bankrupt Labour led government.

We exist in a Wales with all the trappings of devolution. We have a Senedd and a First Minister, and yet the basic civic institutions of any functioning democracy – those which inform the public or even offer a modicum of scrutiny on Welsh affairs – are simply not preset. Without this we are lacking in the most basic of introspection. In our current predicament we have a Labour government unwilling to demand devolution of broadcasting or teach Welsh history in our schools, the only effective tool to reach out and inform that we possess is social media.

My goals:

-Firstly, to ensure our members are kept up to date with our work and given every opportunity to get involved in Plaid Ifanc’s campaigns or socials. I believe more needs to be done to further cover electoral activities not only within our membership but to the public, giving us a real opportunity to present ourselves as a thriving and active movement.

-Secondly, we need to produce more of our own content (articles, podcasts, etc.) to better connect with young people across Wales, building on the efforts of previous Comms officers. As an organisation our ‘brand’ must have more of a presence on social media before achieving wider recognition from traditional media. As stated previously, this does not cover Welsh affairs with any real scrutiny.

-Thirdly, I want us to see more branches and members all over Wales. We have a real chance, here and now, to really engage with the brightest and the best of our young people. Both inside and outside the Party we have a generation of people crying out for a progressive and innovative avenue of escape from decades of decay, neglect and chaos. Only we can offer it and we need to reach out now more than ever. Diolch.

Hugh Kocan

Shwmae, I am Hugh, and I would like to be Plaid Ifanc’s new communications officer. I’m currently a masters student in Cardiff university, studying Welsh Governance and politics. I am hugely passionate about Welsh politics and the current affairs of other countries.

I am an active member of Plaid, having been a member since 2015. In this time, I have been the chair of Plaid Ifanc in Swansea and have been elected as a representative of Plaid Ifanc for NUS Wales Conference in March. I have been a vocal figure for Plaid in student politics, which I hope to continue in future.

My main experience with social media comes from running the Twitter account @thatsdevolved. My experience with this account, communicating with a large and varied base of followers, has taught me how to appeal to a wide audience. I have also run two social media-based student election campaigns, so I have experience in using Facebook and Twitter to connect with supporters.

Overall, I would say I am proficient with using modern communications to reach out to support. Furthermore, as a member of Plaid Ifanc’s NEC, I believe my home location will be an asset. Being in the South East, I have easy access to Monmouthshire, Brecon and Radnorshire, and the East Valley towns such as Merthyr Tydfil and Ebbw Vale. Plaid Ifanc currently lacks representation in these areas, and I believe I can play a role in establishing branches in these areas.

I hope that my knowledge of current Welsh affairs, coupled with my experience of using social media, makes it clear why I would be a successful Communications Officer. Diolch yn fawr.

Click here to vote for Plaid Ifanc’s new Women’s Officer and Communications Officer.

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