Manifesto – Women’s Officer (by-election)

Here’s your opportunity to vote for a new Women’s Officer for Plaid Ifanc! Read the manifesto and vote below! 

Maiwenn Berry

I am proud to be a member of Plaid Ifanc, and I would go so far and say that no other society or organization has had such a big influence on my life during the last 5 years. I’ve gained confidence, skills and strong principles and values from participating in Plaid Ifanc campaigns and events. One of the highlights of the last 5 years as a member of Plaid Cymru is the increase I’ve seen in the political participation of women in Wales, locally and nationally.

If given the opportunity to become the Plaid Ifanc’s Women’s Officer I will work to ensure that the increasing contribution by young women in politics is continued. Starting at Bangor University the same year as the assembly elections was a very happy coincidence, and was an opportunity to re-establish the Plaid Ifanc Bangor branch.

As a young woman who was just starting as a political activist, supporting Sian Gwenllian’s campaign and playing a vital role in the Plaid Ifanc Bangor committee was a valuable experience. I believe that my time as the secretary for two years and then as treasurer in my final year is one that has prepared me for the requirements of this role, such as working with members of the committee and others. In addition I have gained confidence in my ability to discuss politics in public and have developed organizational and time management skills.

Despite the development in recent years, there is no denying that the barriers are much more obvious than the opportunities for young women in the political world. Since returning to the Vale of Clwyd in the summer, I have become Secretary of the Plaid Cymru Denbigh branch and I also represent the Denbigh branch on district committees.

My goals here in Denbigh are to promote the views of female members of the branch, to increase women’s contribution and achieve equal representation. These goals also motivated me to apply for this post, and if I’m lucky, I’m looking forward to creating even more opportunities to promote and support the political participation of young women in Wales.

Click here to vote for Plaid Ifanc’s new Women’s Officer and Communications Officer.

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