Monthly Archives: August 2018

Plaid Cymru Leadership Election – Plaid Ifanc statement

As you are all aware, Plaid Cymru is currently in the middle of a leadership election! Plaid Ifanc will be remaining neutral during this election campaign and we and our branches will not be endorsing any one particular candidate.  However,…

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Happy Pride Weekend!

A message from Polly Manning, our Women’s Officer. We in Plaid Ifanc would like to express our solidarity with the LGBT+ community this Pride Weekend, and hope that everyone has an empowering and enjoyable experience. We would like to take…

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Solidarity with Muslim women

Islamophobia has no place in our society. Recent comments made by prominent elected representatives are hateful, racist and irresponsible. They do nothing but fuel racism, Islamophobia and the exclusion of Muslim people from society. Muslim women – the target of…

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