First National Council a stunning success

“When we look back at what began changing minds about independence, let us be able to say it was this.” Those were the words of one Plaid Ifanc member as he outlined plans for Plaid Ifanc’s annual campaign to delegates at our first National Council meeting, which was held on Saturday.

A full house met at Borth’s Youth Hostel for the inaugural meeting of the newly created National Council, during which members discussed policy and future activism, and heard about the movement’s upcoming national campaign. Details of this campaign will be released at its official launch next month during the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Caernarfon. An ambitious initiative, the campaign has the potential to be no less than transformational.

A clear sign of Plaid Ifanc’s recent success, the National Council was created to give each local branch of the movement a voice in the organisation’s development. Branch chairs previously sat on the movement’s National Executive Committee, but with new branches being created all the time, a new body was formed to keep the size of the NEC manageable and to provide a new forum for discussion.

There was no doubt among the delegates present that the first meeting of the National Council was a success. Reports from NEC members and each branch were complemented by a discussion on the new national campaign, policy motions, and a general discussion on future plans.

Ben Lake MP celebrating his election win

A highlight of the day was a stirring speech from newly elected MP, and Plaid Ifanc member, Ben Lake of Ceredigion. He spoke with passion about the impact young people had on his election campaign, and stressed that the energy of young, newly-elected MPs is the only hope of achieving change within the UK Parliament.

We are now looking forward to the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Caernarfon next month, where the campaign will be launched at our fringe event. Details of this event will be released shortly.

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