It’s official. We’re ‘Plaid Ifanc’ now!

Having been approved at the Plaid Cymru Ifanc/Plaid Cymru Youth National Conference in Cardiff in 2016, our former name was officially replaced with the much more approachable Plaid Ifanc at this year’s annual conference in Swansea.

To go along with our new name we had to of course design a new logo and we’d like to offer our thanks to Plaid Ifanc’s good friend Guillem for his support in this.

Of course, dropping a few words from our title and changing the logo slightly is not in itself the most hard-hitting thing our movement has done in the last year. We’ve had major successes with our #CymruRydd #FreeWales campaign, our Beer Mats campaign, our international cooperation, winning the biggest number of councillors ever (and an MP!), and many other huge feats.

However, the name of the movement is no minor detail. By embracing a Welsh-only name, Plaid Ifanc sends a message that we are a modern movement, that we are expressing confidence in our national language, and by association, in Wales. By increasing the difference between our own name and the name of Plaid Cymru we are reasserting our independent spirit while reinforcing our support for the only political party which will deliver the progressive, tolerant, socially just, and independent Wales that we all want to see.

The next year promises to be one of the biggest and most defining in the history of Plaid Ifanc so prepare to see our new name, and our new logo, fairly regularly! We have a hugely exciting campaign on the horizon, but of course running a campaign is not cheap. If you can help us to build the confident nation we know Wales can be, please do so by clicking here.

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