Steering the future of our nation

By Sioned Treharne, Co-Chair of Plaid Ifanc

Within a few days, residents in Wales will be returning to the polls once more – this time to elect councillors to our local authorities. This election comes at a time of great political uncertainty and, as such, presents a valuable opportunity to consolidate Plaid Cymru’s message among the electorate, and to attract new members. People across Wales are turning their backs on the Labour Party – it is therefore crucial that we continue to knock doors to convince our neighbours that moving to the right is not the only option.

Over the past few months, Plaid Ifanc members have been at the heart of the national effort to spread this very message. Nationwide, young and enthusiastic activists have stepped forward and have been entrusted with the responsibility of being candidates on behalf of the party in the local elections. Running a campaign is no easy feat, but Plaid Ifanc members have been working tirelessly and have responded to the challenge with energy and a positive outlook. Those members not standing as cadidates themselves have also been instramental in supporting campaigns in their local area. As a result, our members have become experienced canvassers and have been afforded an opportunity to engage with their communities in a new way. Electors are glad to see young people taking an active role in politics, and Plaid Ifanc as a movement demonstrates that indifference isn’t a trait that is typical of Wales’s younger generation.

We now know, however, that the hard work will continue after the results of the local elections are announced. Another battle is on the horizon – this time, our task is to prevent the Tory party from sinking its claws into our politics here in Wales. Once more, Plaid Ifanc members are ready and prepared to lead the fight during the general election campaign, and a number of our members have already been selected as prospective candidates on behalf of Plaid Cymru. In an election as important as this one (which is, in many ways, a second vote on Brexit), it’s crucial that the voice of young people is heard. We must now lay the foundation at grassroots level to steer the future of our nation, and young peope must play a central role in such efforts.

Plaid Ifanc National Conference was held this year on 8 April. During the conference, member of the National Executive Committee were elected as follows:

Co-chairs: Emyr Gruffydd and Sioned Treharne
Treasurer: Morgan Bowler-Brown
Secretary: Lois Roberts
Campaigns officer: Fflur Arwel
Communications officer: Rhydian Elis Fitter
Membership officer: Jamie Evans
Women’s officer: Polly Manning

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