‘We must begin the conversation about Welsh independence with the young generation’

A call will be made to ‘begin the conversation about Welsh independence with the young generation’ during a conference held this week.

Youth organisation Plaid Ifanc’s national conference will be held at Singleton park at Swansea university on Saturday the 8th of April.

‘It is more important than ever that our generation organise our political activity effectively and providing a dynamic youth movement is an important part of that work’ said current Plaid Ifanc chair, Emyr Gruffydd, ‘At a time where even the very notion of Wales as a political entity is in danger, we as young people who believe in our nation’s potential must fight for an alternative future for Wales’.

The conference is expected to vote in favour of a motion that would call on Plaid Ifanc to establish a campaign to begin the discussions on Welsh independence amongst young people at a grassroots level.

‘We have to give the young people of Wales a voice during such a difficult time as well as protecting our interests as a nation and begin the discussion for real’ added Emyr, ‘We believe that fighting for an independent Wales is the way to ensure that Wales becomes a prosperous country’.

Other discussions will include a call to oppose the far right in Wales and Europe, inclusive Welsh LGBT+ education, the media in Wales and the possibility of associate membership to the EU for welsh citizens.

The conference will give members an opportunity to look again at the organisation, vote on motions and amend the constitution. A new national executive committee will also be elected and for the first time the organisation will elect two co-chairs as opposed to one chair – with at least one of the co-chairs position reserved for a woman. These changes come after the constitutional changes voted upon during the previous conference.

The conference will also see other changes coming into effect including the establishment of a new national council for Plaid Ifanc members.

Adam Price AM will also be joining the conference during the day for a presentation on Nova Cambria and a question and answer session. Presentations will also be had by Plaid Ifanc’s sister parties, including from Oriol Roig a Jan Bosch from JERC in Catalonia and Adrian Fuentes Arevalo from Gazte Abertzaleak in the Basuqe Country.

Plaid Ifanc’s national conference will be held at Seminar Room 2, Fulton House, Singleton Park at Swansea University at 10.30am on Saturday the 8th of April.

A day of campaigning for Plaid Cymru local government election candidates will be held in Swansea on Sunday, the 9th of April.

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